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To use the equipment at SYN Shop, you'll need to sign up for a membership ($50 / month, which you can cancel at any time) and sign a liability waiver. If you are an existing member, you can log in to the membership dashboard to make changes to your account.
If you are an existing member but have never used this system before, you will need to create a new login account. Once you have created the account and verified your email, log in and your old membership information will be migrated to the new system. If you have any issues please feel free to reach out to us.

Membership Guidelines

Regular Memberships

Membership to SYN Shop is $50 per month. This gives you access to all of the collaboration areas, the classroom, the electronics lab and the shop WiFi during normal operating hours. You will also have voting rights on all regular shop matters.

Some equipment, however, does require Tool Certification. (Full details on this process are further below)

Members must also follow our first rule, "Don't be a jerk" as well the others we have published here. Furthermore, the shop has bylaws which govern how we operate as an organization.

Vetted Memberships

Once you have been a member of SYN Shop for a while, and feel like you are really contributing to the space, you can apply for Vetted Membership status. Vetted Membership status gives you access to the shop 24/7 in addition to the benefits of being a Regular Member.

To become a vetted member, you will need to submit an application that has been signed by other Vetted Members to sponsor you. Your application will then be reviewed by the board of directors for approval at the next Monthly Board Meeting. The board would love to give everyone vetted membership immediately, but we want to make sure you are going to help protect the reputation of SYN Shop, and actively participate in building an awesome community of Makers with passion.

Drop-in Memberships

We don’t have drop-in memberships at this time, but we are always willing to give a tour of the space during normal operating hours. Classes are always open to the public.

Collaboration with Non SYN Shop Members

Hey, we know that from time to time you will be working on a project that involves non SYN Shop members. When doing so, you are welcome to host up to two guests. We do kindly ask that they consider giving a general donation to SYN Shop (or become members) if they are going to be using the space a considerable amount during this time.

Liability Wavier

Please print, sign, and return this waiver to SYN Shop. You can submit it by either emailing a scanned copy to [email protected] or bring it down to the shop and we’ll file it away for you.

Tool Certifications

You must complete a very quick and to-the-point Tool Certification (TC) before you can operate the bigger, more expensive equipment on your own. Our goal isn’t to be the mean and grumpy shop teacher, but we want to make sure that you aren’t going to damage the tool or hurt yourself. We have designed TCs to give you a reference on how to operate the tool safely and properly.

Hours of Operation

Please see the hours page for more details.


We have lockers available on a first come, first serve basis at an additional $10/mo.