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1) All students must have a liability waiver signed and on file with the shop. Please plan to arrive early if you don't already have one on file. Students under 18 must come with a parent to sign the liability waiver before hand.

2) Payments for class should be made through the SYN Shop Meetup page. If paying for a class in cash please bring exact change as we don’t have money onsite. If you need to cancel please give us at least 24 hours notice.

3) The shop is run and staffed by passionate volunteer hackers. When you take a class at SynShop you are part of our community. So please clean up after yourself, help the instructor reset the room, and pitch in to take care of our space.

4) We will be working around heavy equipment. Dress appropriately.

5) Please do not plan on attending a class while impaired with from either drugs or Alcohol. 

6) Please follow the technology preference of the teacher. If they call for no cellphones and texting please respect their expertise.

7) Teachers have the right to expel students from class at their discretion. Please be safe, kind, and have fun.

While a SYN Shop proctor is generally there to assist you with running  a class, please remember these rules.

1) Your class must align with our mission as a Hackerspace. See Below for our Evaluation Criteria.

2) You are responsible to ensure that everyone - including you - attending the class has a signed class liability waiver on file. 

3) You are responsible to ensure that everone attending the class has paid. Payment occurs via If the student has not paid, there are available spots in the class, and they are willing to pay in cash: please place the cash in an envelope and place it in the cash drop box. The Cash drop box is located in the back of the room by the Laser Cutter.

4) Please reset the room as you found it, and ensure your class cleans up the space. Contact the education committee for assistance with locking up if you are not a vetted member.

5) Please have students fill out the class feedback form for the education committee.

6) Classes will always have a $10 per student fee for SYN Shop, as teaching is an important part of maintaining our shop. Plus materials fee. Plus whatever fee you need to make your class happen. Example Intro to Laser Cutting is $20: $10 for Synshop. $2 for cardboard $8 for the instructor. Many of our instructors volunteer their time to make classes as affordable to the public as possible.

7) You have final authority over your classroom. Do not allow absolute power to corrupt you. Please be kind, professional, fair, and passionate. It will make people want to choose your classes again.


1) Classes should facilitate making and/or education. 

a.) A rule of thumb is that if the class subject would not be covered by MAKE Magazine, Hack-a-day, or allowed on then it is probably not for us.

2) Classes have reasonable assurance of priority access to the SYN Shop space and tools. 

  a.) Priority Access is defined as "During these times, members may, at the teacher’s discretion, be asked to halt or not engage in activities that reasonably disturb the class or event."

i.) A good example of this is during a class the Shop Bot does not run due to noise.

         b.) Because of Priority Access classes should try to be conducted during non-open hours.

i.)  Members should be given notice of classes especially if during 
ii.) If a class must be run during open hours the Proctor of the class should coordinate with the member running the shop for the open hours. Notification will be via Meetup, which automatically posts to the site. There will also be an announcement to the google group.

3) Classes that meet the criteria should receive 3 yeses from the members of the committee, after which they will be scheduled. If they do not receive 3 yeses within 3 days, committee members should reply back to the teacher with revisions/questions. If 2 committee members have oppositions, the class will be brought to the Board for approval. The Board will then respond within 3 days with an approval or revisions.


4.) Events are anything that might take a decent amount of space or resources of the shop, and that is not a class.

  1.   a.) Examples include: HacKidemia, school tours, Open Houses, First Friday.
  2.   b.) All events should be beneficial to the shop, be education or making based, and be open to our members. Guidelines include: 

i. Furthers a mutually beneficial partnership SYN Shop is pursuing or 
ii.Engenders a community spirit with SYN Shop Members.
iii. The accomplishment of SYN Shop official business.
iv. Helps our 501(C)(3) maintaining in a meaningful way.


5.) Events do not have reasonable assurance of priority access to the SYN Shop space and tools, unless the Board deems it so. 

 a. If so, appropriate notice must be given to the Membership. 

6) Events that meet at least 1 of the above criteria will require yeses from at least 3 of the committee members. If 3 yeses are not obtained within 3 days or at least 2 committee members have oppositions, the event will be brought to the Board for approval. The Board will then respond within 3 days with an approval or revisions.

Evaluation rules that are common to both Events/Classes

7) Classes and Events are scheduled on a first come first serve basis.

8) Each Class and Event will be evaluated by the education committee but the Board can always veto the committee for any reasons the Board seems fit. If the Board issues a veto, they will provide a statement as to why the veto was issued, and if feasible, any potential workarounds needed to allow the class or event to occur.