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09 Jul 2012

An update in the Project: Nomad series.  Here I go through preparing the PDP-11 for mounting on the robot frame, as well as do a quick tear down and tour of the PDP-11/23 CPU and MDM drive chassis.

I had the opportunity while I wasn't in the booth to snap a few photos of the SYN Shop booth at First Friday.


Suan manning the throwie and homopolar motor side of the booth.

Andrew and Nathan manning the Do-nato and 3D printer side of the booth.  Collin is talking to people in front of the booth.  Plus we have an awesome sign.

07 Jul 2012
First Friday went really, really well.  It exceeded my expectations and the whole group is already talking about what we need to do to make the booth better for the next event in August.  Come by and help us plan it out next Saturday.
There was a steady stream of people (adults, teens and kids) all night.  Our main crowd probably came through from about 7pm - 9pm.

SYN Shop - The Las Vegas Hackerspace

Come and meet other makers / hackers / DIYers. Bring any projects you'd like to show off or want some help on, tell people about any cool stuff you'd like to share, and meet the wonderful Las Vegas maker community. It should be a good size meetup since we had such great feedback at First Friday! Some people will be working on projects for DEFCON, and would appreciate more help; so stop by, it should be a great day.

Saturday, July 14 at 6:00 PM

SYN Shop - The Las Vegas Hackerspace

We'll be showing off the Do-nado, and helping people build multicolor flashing LED throwie and homopolar motor kits. Come down and see our blinky lights.

Friday, July 6 at 6:00 PM


Just a reminder, if you want to order a shirt and get it by next week, please order by tomorrow Thursday June 28th, as I will be placing the order on Friday.

Also, a lot of people have been asking for them, so we are going to get a run of 100% cotton shirts as well.  Same price, but just indicate that you want 100% cotton in the notes when ordering via Paypal.

Thanks for supporting SYN Shop!

At last, we have them available to SYN Shop community members - t-shirts! We did a test run last month to make sure the quality is up to par and we think we have a quality product.

Click the link below for available sizes and colors:

SYN Shop - The Las Vegas Hackerspace

We will be finalizing our projects and setup for July's First Friday (July 6th). Come help meet the group and help out. You can look at the status of our projects here:

Saturday, June 30 at 11:00 AM

22 Jun 2012

Dangerous Prototypes sent us some cool stuff!