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I began my second set of goggles a couple of weeks ago and have since finished all the neat cosmetic parts on the exterior. Just like the name suggests, they are all in black and white, one eyepiece black with white trim, the other eyepiece its opposite.

Saturday Feb 2, 2013 9:00 am

SYN Shop is organizing the Las Vegas Mini Maker Faire at the Historic Fifth Street School in downtown Las Vegas. You're welcome to come check it out without an RSVP here, but if you'd like to show off something small as part of SYN Shop's booth, please sign up here. For more about the Mini Maker Faire, or to apply for a full booth, visit the Las Vegas Mini Maker Faire website at:

01 Nov 2012

I have taken a brief breather from developing my delta army and engaged in a playful dialogue with fellow techie and collaborator, Krux. In response to his impressive collection of self-made steam punk inspired goggles, I have created my own version... a retro leather-trimmed set that has some nifty chain-switch activated light pipe around the lenses to give the illusion of neon. 

Hello all you DIYers!

So you may have heard there is going to be a Mini Maker Faire here in Las Vegas February 2nd, 2013. We have begun the planning phase and this is the first of many meetings we will be holding to rally the troops.

Sound interesting? Want to get involved? For more information and to RSVP, go here:

Saturday Oct 13, 2012 6:00 pm

We are taking a breather and not doing the November First Friday - BUT that doesn't mean we aren't meeting up on Saturday.

  • Have a project you are stuck on and need help?
  • Got an idea for something and need to bounce off someone before going down the wrong path?
  • Have an idea for a new class?
  • Want to talk about the downtown space and what equipment we are getting?

COME ON BY!  Everyone is always welcome!

Saturday Oct 20, 2012 1:00 pm

Are you still using Adobe Illustrator to make technical sketches?

Come learn the basics of DraftSight, a free 2D CAD program that is compatible with AutoCAD files and commands. We're running a 4 hour course in collaboration with Angelo Pappano from Southwest Career and Technical Academy.

Computers with DraftSight installed will be available, however you can bring your own laptop with DraftSight installed. Packages are available for Windows, Mac (beta), or Linux.

First of all, thank you Mark for printing out my delta bits for me and photographing them. I will be in my native Vegas next week visiting home and am looking forward to building up my next delta robot prototype while there, as well as seeing everyone from the shop at the Saturday meetup.

SYN Shop offers equipment, knowledge for those who wish to create

SYN Shop got another nice write up in the Downtown View today.  Note the mention about Las Vegas Mini Maker Faire towards the end of the article.  Let everyone you know who makes interesting things know that we would like to talk to them.  They can contact us through SYN Shop or through the website.  We have 30 exhibitor spots we would love to fill.  Let's show people what Vegas has to offer!

Makin' It - Mini Maker Faire Article

Mini Maker Faire just got a write up in the Desert Companion magazine through KNPR.  Thanks for a great story, Andrew Kiraly!  And thanks for helping spread the word for the Call for Makers.  The deadline is December 22nd if you want to get a free Maker booth and show off your coolest projects.

Tuesday Oct 23, 2012 6:00 pm

This is the registration for facilitators only for the introduction to arduino class. Facilitators must bring own laptop, arduino 1.01 must be loaded and operational, and must be familiar with arduino. Please decline attending the main meeting and join this one if you will act as facilitator.

If the main class is full, please don't join this meetup. This is for facilitators only.