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07 Aug 2012

Now that Defcon is over, I'm almost caught up on the video for Project Nomad. Here we're hacking the motor controller.

SYN Shop - The Las Vegas Hackerspace

Come and meet other makers / hackers / DIYers. Bring any projects you'd like to show off or want some help on, tell people about any cool stuff you'd like to share, and meet the wonderful Las Vegas maker community. It should be a good size meetup since we had such great feedback at First Friday! So stop by, it should be a great day.

Saturday, August 11 at 6:00 PM


Susan Hinton recently had an interview with The Fech Blog

You should definitely check it out for some interesting background on one of SYN Shop's founding members!

Read More: Vegas local, Susan Hinton


07 Aug 2012

Sweltering heat and marshmallow guns made up the first half of the event.  Then we ran out of marshmallow guns...

It was another dizzying night at First Friday. We were set up in the same spot in the Kid's Zone as in July, but this time, they moved the stage so it wasn't quite as loud.

06 Aug 2012

In this update in the Project: Nomad series, we tear down the wheel chair motor controller.

SYN Shop - The Las Vegas Hackerspace

This is the registration for facilitators only for the introduction to arduino class. Facilitators must bring own laptop, arduino 1.01 must be loaded and operational, and must be familiar with arduino. Please decline attending the main meeting and join this one if you will act as facilitator.

If the main class is full, please don't join this meetupg. This is for facilitators only. We will be opening more spots shortly.

Tuesday, August 14 at 7:00 PM

05 Aug 2012

An update in the Project: Nomad series. Here we are finishing the assembly of the robot chassis.

SYN Shop - The Las Vegas Hackerspace

28 Jul 2012

Aakin put together this great email for our mailing list a couple days ago, I thought it should be shared, so I'm doing so now; Enjoy!

SYN Shop - The Las Vegas Hackerspace

This class is limited to 25 participants, so RSVP now to get in!

The world is abuzz with credit card sized computers that are inexpensive and easy enough for home hobbyists, artists, and professionals to use.  One such computer is the Arduino, created by a group of Italian researchers and released freely to the world.