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17 Mar 2020

Update May 27, 2020 - We are looking to loosen up some of the restrictions on the shop, and allow more access to members, albeit in a controlled fashion. The goal is to have the shop open for all members (public non-member access is still restricted, and must be coordinated). Where volunteers are willing, we can have open hours again; it will require to notify us you are coming, however.

How this will work is as follows:

  • The shop will not have regularly scheduled open hours.
  • However, several volunteers are willing to come down and let others work if given notice ahead of time.

This needs to be coordinated well ahead of time; we can't guarantee that someone will have time last minute. Send a message on Discord if you want to go, and someone will respond. We'll keep a pinned list of when people are willing to be there; any vetted members that are willing to help with that, let me know and I'll update the list.  Being at the shop requires a few things:

  • You must wear a mask. This is not an option. We have several high risk individuals who are also shop members; you taking this precaution may save their life. We are willing to pause your membership if these guidelines can not be accommodated. If you don't have a mask, we've acquired some disposable ones; please donate a dollar in the donation bin if you use one, so we can keep them stocked.
  • You must clean up and wipe down all the equipment after you use it. Just like you do at the gym.
  • We are limiting the number of people in the shop at any given point in time. Rather than set a concrete limit for the whole shop, we are limiting it to 2 people in any given work area, and 6 people in the common/classroom area. We feel this is the maximum that can be accommodated with social distancing limits. Thanks for bearing with us, and thanks for continuing to support the shop during this time.


Update Apr 29, 2020 - Governor Sisolak has extended the Stay at Home directive which means SYN Shop will be closed to the public until May 15th, 2020.



Update Apr 2nd, 2020: Governor Sisolak has announced a Stay at Home directive which means SYN Shop will be closed to the public until April 30th, 2020.


Update Mar 25th, 2020: Reminder to everyone: The shop is closed. We haven't shut down access for vetted members, but we trust you to be responsible about not using it if you can avoid it, to clean up and sanitize after yourselves, and especially avoid coming down if you could have been exposed. Also, if a representative of the local authorities asks us to shut down all access, we will do so immediately, and if any of them ask you when you happen to be at the shop to go home and stop coming to the shop, we expect you to comply.

Also, if anyone who has been to the shop recently does come down with symptoms, please let us know, so we can 1) - follow up and check up to make sure you are ok, and 2) - react appropriately to let others who could have been exposed know.

Thank you!


Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Nevada has ordered business closures. As a result, SYN Shop will be ceasing open nights and events until May 15th, 2020.

Gov. Steve Sisolak this Tuesday Mar 17th significantly ramped up Nevada’s response to COVID-19 by announcing a statewide closure of all casinos, restaurants, bars and other nonessential businesses for 30 days, and he urged Nevadans to stay inside to reduce their chance of becoming infected and spreading the virus.

While we are closed to the public, vetted members still have access to the shop to work in off hours. If you are not vetted, but have a need to use the shop facilities to work on a project, you can request if a vetted member is available to give you access to the shop through our Discord server.  We are also handling vetting members on a case by case basis.  If you were in the process of getting vetted, we can accept digital signatures or scanned copies of the vetting nomination form. And will try to work with you on getting access.

If you do use the shop during the closed hours, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are safe. In addition to the caution you must take when working alone in the shop normally, you also have the added dangers that this virus has introduced.  It is the current shop policy to take the time to wipe down work surfaces, tools, handles or other things that you come in contact with in the shop as a part of your required cleanup procedures. We have Lysol wipes available for this purpose, as well as various sprays in the cleaning rack in the rear bathroom. Remember to wash your hands with soap and water, and refrain from touching your face to avoid getting sick. Please also wipe down the door handles.

If you are currently or recently sick, have been exposed to people who are sick, are in an at risk group, or live with / need to interact with people in an at risk group, please refrain from using the shop during this time of shutdown.

Please take these precautions seriously.

Thank you,

Jeff Rosowski, a.k.a. Krux
SYN Shop

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