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12 Jan 2016

Eventually I'll create a through hole component pcb for a low volume of kits for The EnMorser project. I brought a makeshift maze of wires on a breadboard with a PS/2 keyboard last week. The project will be documented on

The basic version will have a keyboard (of some type: maybe long life physical tac switches, and/or bluetooth, and/or wifi phone app) to Morse encoding for a QRP transmitter and audio tone to text decoding from a receiver like Budd Churchward's kit perhaps with extra goodies such as SD card storage, GPS, receipt printer, etc. It will be as open source as possible, with emergency communication minded hams as the primary market.

I'll need more CAD learnin' to do, starting simply with Fritzing as shown by Budd to create something OSH Park can handle.

But first thing I do wil be to build Budd's kit successfully without overheating my soldering iron this time and damaging the board. Ready to start on that next time. New kit is on hand and ready to be assembled.

Also want to learn how to make custom enclosures such as Ben Heck's wireless texting project, 

Okay, enough of this typing for now. Later!

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James C's picture

by James C on Wed, 01/13/2016 - 15:09

Cool project, I've made sure to promote this post to the home page :)