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Quick update on the state of the education curriculum at SYN Shop....

•  Andrew Morrow is now teaching a monthly 3D printing class on the Replicator 2 on the last Monday of every month.  He may supplement with an additional class on advanced topics for those who want to take their 3D printing to a new level.
•  Stan Hanel has agreed to put on a series of basic electronics classes covering basic circuits, how to use a multimeter & oscilloscope, 555 timer circuits, breadboarding circuits, project boxes, digital vs. analog circuits, electronics troubleshooting, etc.  Stan taught classes at Sandy's Electronics (for those of you who remember Sandy's) and is well equipped to get you started making sparks...
•  Krux is back with electronics kit classes.  Yesterday, he held the audio amplifier build class.  More kit classes are coming!
•  We also have some independently directed groups learning the ShopBot.  Shawn and Collin are learning the ins and outs of the machine together with their own personal projects.  Jason is planning out a vacuum table upgrade to the ShopBot as well.  They are announcing days they are working on these projects on the general email list, so join in the conversation if you're interested.
•  Pawel is planning a hardware upgrade to the ShapeOko micro mill/engraver.  Parts are on order.  It would be great to see another independent learning group work on that together.
•  We have a series of Raspberry Pi classes that we're working on for the near future.  Keep an eye out on the meetup/synshop group as they get scheduled.
•  I am regularly hanging out at the shop on Thursdays for anyone who wants to participate in making our educational opportunities better.  I'm open to all ideas for classes -- if you are willing to teach them.  Remember, classes don't necessarily have to be electronics classes.  I would like to see more crafts-based classes or pretty much anything that has to do with making something.  Also, it would be great to have a few people willing to teach others how to use basic shop equipment -- like drill press, table saw, band saw, hand tools, metal shop -- and go over basic construction materials -- like woods, hardwoods, plywoods, plastics, metals.  If you know how to do these things, stop in and talk to me.

Oh, almost forgot... we have a working agreement with the Green Valley Library that we are starting to use.  GVL has offered to host any classes or presentations that we have in their branch.  These are all free to the public and is SYN Shop's outreach into the Henderson community.  Right now, we have 2 events planned:
•  Lighting Basics Presentation ( -- learn about all of your indoor and outdoor lighting options available in the market today.  The presenters know their stuff, so ask all of your technical questions here.
•  Mutant Mold in Outer Space ( -- did you ever wonder why they had to decommission SpaceLab and Mir?  An eye-opening presentation on how mold exposed to radiation in space has created challenges for our space program.
If you have other ideas for presentations or classes we can hold at GVL, come in an talk to me.  Thx!


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by Mack on Thu, 10/03/2013 - 16:17

The Education curriculum is awesome. I am glad I participated as much as I did. It was a feel good effort for me and I think I touched one person in each class. So from my point of view I was successful in the small effort that I made.

 I'm glad to have been part of sharing and double glad you have someone else to continue the electronics classes.