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22 Jul 2013

I just posted a new video to my YouTube channel, builtxbillt. It's a quick build of a simple steadyCAM design based on an article in MAKE. It's made from parts I had lying around my shop and it works well. Check it out at the link below:

Thanks for watching!

17 Jul 2013

Cross posted from the mailing list.  Just exploring the site.

I stopped by to check things out for craft night. Loved it, became a member 1st thing in the morning.  Thank you for the warm welcome everyone.  I hadn't brought a project, because I just wanted to check things out, and everyone was super friendly helpful, etc.

We have a cool event coming up on July 27th for javascript developers interested in learning about robotics:

NodeBots Day Las Vegas

You can build anything you'd like, but we'll also be providing Sumobot Jr kits designed here at SYN Shop to help you get up and running quickly. See the video for more info on the kit:



03 Jul 2013

What two things could possibly fit together more uncomfortably?

Pony needed to not be bright vomit orange as he was when I bought him... And since I was having issues with the spray paint not drying on my previous projects, I used a more manual approach. Nail polish. Alas, I achieved this nice fleshy, semitransparent tone.

01 Jul 2013

So  my wife and I constantly switch the audio input between our two computers. this manual thing was frustrating, and could be improved. Hence: the audio-switchbox. See the youtubevideo below for a quick overview.


This is my first project made entirely at Synshop. After seeing something online a few months ago where someone had created a stained glass image of Iron Man on an antique window.  and was inspired. 

13 Jun 2013

So I finished up the stilts and have been walking around in them. They are interesting to move in as they really change your center of balance. No video yet, but I'm working on it. Video demo is here. Here's the remainder of the build… All pictures are here.

03 Jun 2013

Wow, I haven't posted here in a while, but I wanted to show a few things that I've been working on for the shop and some personal projects.