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08 Jan 2014

First, the finished prototype for those who just want the goods!

My brother-in-law is a mathematician and programmer, so while thinking of a good gift to give him for Christmas I decided to build him a Arduino-based clock that would a) look really slick and b) incorporate Conway's Game of Life, since I know a lot of "math" people dig it.

Have you ever had a video that you just can't edit... this was one of those. So, instead I'm just going to blog about the construction process. 3 months without a post is too long.

Perhaps you've seen one of these attractive yellow beasts around the shop in the past year? What's come of them...? Well, I'll tell you.........

29 Oct 2013

Vending machines are wonderful works of electro-mechanical complexity. The machine in the shop is no different. If you’ve ever opened it up (go ahead, take a peek while it’s still busted) it’s like a Rube Goldberg machine with antique parts. In its prime, it was a glorious coin operated magic box that ate money and threw up snacks, candy or cigarettes.

08 Oct 2013

As you might know, Mark and I have been working hard on our latest spoof video promoting our Halloween hangout which we will be hosting later on this month on the 30th. Check it out now and RSVP for the event on meetup if you haven't already.... Also, start looking for that perfect black turtleneck for the occasion! We'll try to come up with some fun things to do.... but at the very least, there will be plenty of photo ops and my delcious cooking.

22 Sep 2013

New video!

We got a used horizontal/vertical metal cutting bandsaw that needed a stand. This is a quick 2-minute video on the welding. Next up is a flip down table for the bandsaw to use in vertical mode. I'll document that build in more detail. Thanks for watching!

New video posted to YouTube! I'm just having some fun in the shop. Let me know what you think and thanks for watching!

17 Aug 2013

New video on my YouTube channel!  This is a quick tour of my home metal working shop.  If you like what you see, please subscribe to builtxbillt.  Thanks for watching!

So I've known about Wifi SD cards for a long time (like the Eye-Fi), but their price plus the complete locked-down proprietary nature of their software stacks has kept me from getting one.
Nowadays, there are a few competitors though which gives us more options:

Well for those that have been at the shop you know my 3D printer has been torn down for upgrades. Last week my custom stepper motors came in and homefully they will improve the print quailty of my printer. Heading to the shop tonight to start designing the new brackets/adapters to implement these badboys...