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I'm an inventor working on my provisional patent application.  Need help with finalizing about 30-40 pages of simple drawings. Pay negotiable.


Thanks, and have a good day!

A friend of mine mentioned dollhouses, and that got me thinking how fun it would be to make one full of tiny things. I LOVE tiny things. After looking at the structure of a typical dollhouse I was a bit disappointed though. Most dollhouses don't have floorplans with hallways or closets, and have open walls and staircases that aren't realistic. I wanted a true miniature mimicry of real life.

25 Jul 2014

New video on my YouTube channel! This is a ball turning tool that I made for my Taig lathe. I'm still learning the best way to use it. Hopefully I'll upload an update in a few weeks. Thanks for watching!

I had some time this weekend to make a small magnetic base for my G0602 Grizzly lathe.  The lathe doesn't have a DRO (Digital Read Out) so I've been thinking about using my 1" travel dial indicator to make the cuts more precise.  I watch a lot of the machine shop channels on YouTube and a few of the guys just use a simple mag base stuck to the ways.  It didn't seem that difficult to make one and I had some 7/16" diameter neodymium magnets lying around.

Using the Shopbot a few days ago I got communication errors a few times, non-responsive stop button and circles that where non consistently the same shape or curvature.

I described the situation to Shopbot tech support and they replied:

23 Mar 2014

Could someone shoot me over the syn shop logo? I have a few projects in the works and want to add our logo.

my email is

The remote control for our projector went missing some time back.  This is unfortunate, since to turn on the projector we had to climb on a ladder, step stool, or unsafely climb on a chair or table to reach the projector on the ceiling.  And then off course since you are touching the projector, you usually end up moving it in the process, which means the image doesn't display where it should on the projector screen.

17 Feb 2014

I made a small bending jig this weekend to use on my hydraulic press. I needed to put some 90 degree bends in some bar stock. I would have bent the stock in my vise caveman-style with a hammer, but the throat on my vise was too short. Just the excuse I needed to make this jig. I've tested it on 1/8" bar stock, but it appears to be able to bend a bit thicker.


26 Jan 2014
I attended the 'DIY World Domination Night (With Robots)' at the SYN Shop last Monday and was able to speak to a few members. I hadn't brought anything to work on since it was the first time I'd ever attended. Went with the decision to be unprepared rather than assume anything. I quickly saw this was a place I could collaborate with others while I did my own thing. Bill T. gave me the great suggestion to post one of my projects to the members blog pages. So here I am, trying to do that.

Hello everyone, my name is Caleb Schmucker (known around the internet as Cheronobyl). I have been an inactive member for a while and lately decided to change that. I figured I would simply post this introductory message, as well as a list of projects I am currently working on and/or am planning on doing within the next month or so.

As of now, my current plans are: