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The gate track is done at Shadetree Shelter, thanks to all who helped out, i'll bring the dunnage back monday night.

16 Sep 2017

Notes to myself on this:

  • Get a wiki login
  • Get on with applying for vetted membership
  • Write documentation for importing images for cutting on the Silhouette cameo
  • Quick machine checklist? Not that the cameo has a ton of space on it...
  • Prod whoever about the Cameo software update if it hasn't been done already
  • Write a How-to for designing files for the laser cutter in Adobe Photoshop
  • Write a How-to for doing a Engrave and Cut on the laser seeing as the nice checklist helpfully wipes out your settings in the middle...

I made the labeled wall plate pictured below at SYN Shop the other day with help from two other members. To make it, I took a 2-gang wallplate made out of unfinished wood, engraved labels on it using the laser cutter, and then stained it with Watco Danish oil. It only took a few hours! I plan to redo this project using a birch wallplate instead, and hopefully I will get a lighter color. Also, I will try putting a polyurethane coating on it to make the surface smooth to the touch, because this one is rough.

Can't believe I have made it through 4 weeks here at the shop. It has been a month of learning and sharing. I can say that I am so completely happy that I found a place I can go that feels like a family. Everyone at the Synshop rocks and I can't wait to share more of my knowledge in the future. 

11 Mar 2016

Here's a copy and paste of the notes from the recent class on the FSlaser 3d printer.




( / FSL3D)

Laser based 3d printer

Software (RetinaCreate 3D)

  • Pegasus takes .STL only on usb

01 Feb 2016
3D printed bracket for serving lines in a Keg Chiller. #Brewing #3DPrinting

12 Jan 2016

Eventually I'll create a through hole component pcb for a low volume of kits for The EnMorser project. I brought a makeshift maze of wires on a breadboard with a PS/2 keyboard last week. The project will be documented on

When using the laser cutter last night i found for some reason even though the lines were aligned on my file to the extent at wich i could align them with the inkscape program they seemed even more off when cutting. This might be due to the cutting width or it might need to be compensated by aligning the stroke to the inside of the path. Other than that the test runs for my portfolio went well so hopefully there is a solution. I have not found one online that deals with such a thing yet.

I am interested in learning how to use the laser.  I just became a member.  How can i get training on the laser?

The most recent Humble Bundle has 13 Maker book titles.  Humble Bundle is a pay what you want for the bundle, with what you pay going to charity.  Both a great value and a way to do some good.

If your interested in Tinkering this bundle should not be missed.