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One of our awesome members, Dan Harden, brought in an old Macbook screen and had a go at etching designs into it using our laser cutter. The SYN Shop logo was etched at 3% power, 100% speed. We think it came out great as a test, what do you think? I really want to etch my own Macbook now.

Thanks Dan for taking video footage of the etching in progress!


23 Jun 2012

Lately among other cool stuff, we have starting developing tee shirts as part of our fundraising endeavours. Everyone loves a nice soft shirt and supporting local community projects, right? We received a test batch recently, and we love them! Here are a few fun pics of us hamming it up in both the men and women's versions. What do you think? We'd like your feedback as potential wearers!

Pawel modeling our Syn Shop tee shirt in green

Pawel modeling the men's Syn Shop tee shirt in green

James modeling the men's Syn Shop tee in pewter grey

Bodybuilder James modeling the men's Syn Shop shirt in pewter grey

Yours truly modeling the women's tee in black

Yours truly modeling the women's tee in black

SYN Shop is planning on showing at a First Friday soon! We all got together last weekend to plan and work on getting some cool stuff ready for our booth. Expect interactive stuff to make and do when you come see us! Watch this space to know which First Friday we're popping up at.

Some photos of our project day (see more when you view this blog post):

SYN Shop sign

blinky ball test

Charlie's blinky ball Arduino powered prototyping board

27 May 2012

SYN Shop held their First Friday project day this weekend, which was productive and a lot of fun!

I thought I'd share a quick behind the scenes video of what we got up to, enjoy.