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01 Nov 2012

I have taken a brief breather from developing my delta army and engaged in a playful dialogue with fellow techie and collaborator, Krux. In response to his impressive collection of self-made steam punk inspired goggles, I have created my own version... a retro leather-trimmed set that has some nifty chain-switch activated light pipe around the lenses to give the illusion of neon. 

First of all, thank you Mark for printing out my delta bits for me and photographing them. I will be in my native Vegas next week visiting home and am looking forward to building up my next delta robot prototype while there, as well as seeing everyone from the shop at the Saturday meetup.

Channel GRAVITYROAD : Speed Progress of Delta Parts In SketchUp

So, you all have convinced me to have the parts for my delta robots 3D printed rather than continuing to mod plastic spoons and hangers like some third world scavenger. Here is a picture of the original bot made from found plastic bits:

Hello world... as this is my first post I'll introduce myself as Sarah and briefly state that my current project is to create an array of mini delta robots to be controlled with various forms of input (like the iphone, wiichuck, exc.)

I finally got a chance to play around with the code and made some progress. Again my goal (for now) is to have the wiichuck thumbstick control the movement of the minature delta robot and the acceleromter inside of the remote controling the color of the RGB LED (which will go on the effector end).