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Time to talk about the amazing thing that happened this weekend...

It feels like I have been waiting forever and it's crazy to know that everyone else has been waiting five times longer than I have... but finally, FINALLY the keys were given over to us and the SYN Shop is for the most part, ALIVE and open.

The wait began for me towards the end of this summer when my dad brought me an article promoting the shop and its booth at the upcoming First Friday. He prompted me to read it claiming he had found the thing I had been searching for in the Vegas community. It was true that ever since I had moved back to my native city from college in Chicago, I was craving the type of environment I had in my technology department... a sort of studio space but for tech geeks and the like. I had little knowledge of what a 'hackerspace' was but as soon as I finished reading the article I was eager to go introduce myself at the art walk and become a part of it.

The magic started here at the point of origin which was this past weekend... and I am so glad I got to be a part of it. I have made so many new amazing friends along the way to take over the world with. <3 Thank you all for being so awesome and brilliant!

Here are some of the pictures:

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