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Hello world... as this is my first post I'll introduce myself as Sarah and briefly state that my current project is to create an array of mini delta robots to be controlled with various forms of input (like the iphone, wiichuck, exc.)

I finally got a chance to play around with the code and made some progress. Again my goal (for now) is to have the wiichuck thumbstick control the movement of the minature delta robot and the acceleromter inside of the remote controling the color of the RGB LED (which will go on the effector end).

First off... I am not nearly skilled enough to have written this code all by myself so I'd like give credit to the people who posted this project: Wiichuck Controlled Delta Robot. This was a huge help for me while prototyping and is a great resource if you want to duplicate this project. I also want to thank Krux for writing the RGB LED bit in the beginning of this video!

I mashed these two elements together and voila! PROGRESS:

Delta Robot and RGB LED controlled by Wii Nunchuck

For more details and past highlights on this projet visit : Robotic Arts

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by James C on Mon, 09/10/2012 - 16:50

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