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Spetku's blog

Perhaps you've seen one of these attractive yellow beasts around the shop in the past year? What's come of them...? Well, I'll tell you.........

08 Oct 2013

As you might know, Mark and I have been working hard on our latest spoof video promoting our Halloween hangout which we will be hosting later on this month on the 30th. Check it out now and RSVP for the event on meetup if you haven't already.... Also, start looking for that perfect black turtleneck for the occasion! We'll try to come up with some fun things to do.... but at the very least, there will be plenty of photo ops and my delcious cooking.

03 Jul 2013

What two things could possibly fit together more uncomfortably?

Pony needed to not be bright vomit orange as he was when I bought him... And since I was having issues with the spray paint not drying on my previous projects, I used a more manual approach. Nail polish. Alas, I achieved this nice fleshy, semitransparent tone.

26 Mar 2013

Blinking, fading, and color changing lights are a standard for eye catching goggles. This being said, I decided to change it up a bit and make a set that would engage the wearer in the production of sound.

25 Feb 2013

I was searching through DIY project ideas when I found an instructable on how to make an Arc Reactor from misc plastic pieces (Make an Iron Man Arc Reactor). The coiled wire and blue lights were so appealing to look at that I decided to give the new laser cutter a try and make a set of lenses (for a new pair of goggles) that looked like mini ‘reactors’.

Time to talk about the amazing thing that happened this weekend...

It feels like I have been waiting forever and it's crazy to know that everyone else has been waiting five times longer than I have... but finally, FINALLY the keys were given over to us and the SYN Shop is for the most part, ALIVE and open.

I began my second set of goggles a couple of weeks ago and have since finished all the neat cosmetic parts on the exterior. Just like the name suggests, they are all in black and white, one eyepiece black with white trim, the other eyepiece its opposite.