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Krux's blog

13 Jul 2012

An update in the Project: Nomad series.  Here we are welding the frame which mounts the PDP-11 onto the drive train.

09 Jul 2012

An update in the Project: Nomad series.  Here I go through preparing the PDP-11 for mounting on the robot frame, as well as do a quick tear down and tour of the PDP-11/23 CPU and MDM drive chassis.

I had the opportunity while I wasn't in the booth to snap a few photos of the SYN Shop booth at First Friday.


Suan manning the throwie and homopolar motor side of the booth.

Andrew and Nathan manning the Do-nato and 3D printer side of the booth.  Collin is talking to people in front of the booth.  Plus we have an awesome sign.

Perhaps we need more R&D.

22 Jun 2012

Dangerous Prototypes sent us some cool stuff!

19 Jun 2012
Project Nomad is the idea to turn a 30 year old mini-computer, a PDP-11/23, into a mobile robot. The purpose, other than building awesome, is to use the PDP-11 in a Defcon Programming contest called Crash and Compile. We figure that driving your development environment up to the stage to compete has to be worth some style points. We're going to keep you updated on the project with video releases, the first of which you can see here when you click on "read more".