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The remote control for our projector went missing some time back.  This is unfortunate, since to turn on the projector we had to climb on a ladder, step stool, or unsafely climb on a chair or table to reach the projector on the ceiling.  And then off course since you are touching the projector, you usually end up moving it in the process, which means the image doesn't display where it should on the projector screen.

As it happens, we inherited the projector from /usr/lib, when the space closed it's doors.  While not the same model, it was the same brand.  So the remote from that projector just happens to also work on our projector.  This was great, since it meant that we could once again power on the projector from the safety and comfort of the seats in the classroom.  Well it would be, but as we were not wanting to also lose that remote, it has been locked up in the SYN Shop board of directors locker that only a few people have access to.

Now we could buy a learning remote, which would let us copy the projector remote so we have a backup.  However that's not very hackerish.  The better way would be to reverse engineer the codes, and if needed duplicate it.  So I borrowed the spare projector and remote, so I could do exactly that.

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