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15 May 2013

I've been making headway on my latest Mk3 Goggles. I switched to using the PCA9685 LED driver chip, which is a 16-channel, 12-bit PWM I2C-bus LED controller. This reduces the number of required to wires down from seven to four. It's also a quite a bit easier of a chip to work with.

I got the boards made through OSH Park. I'm really impressed with their service. The web based interface to get your boards made is slick, and makes the whole process painless and simple. They have a quick turn around and give you some nice quality boards.

Next steps are to try and get the main controller board prototype running, and then to work on the phsyical fabrication which gives they goggles the required style and flair. All this before Maker Faire. It will be a busy few days.