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Krux's blog

The remote control for our projector went missing some time back.  This is unfortunate, since to turn on the projector we had to climb on a ladder, step stool, or unsafely climb on a chair or table to reach the projector on the ceiling.  And then off course since you are touching the projector, you usually end up moving it in the process, which means the image doesn't display where it should on the projector screen.

20 Jan 2013

While working on getting the ShopBot up and running, we took some quick video of it drawing out it's name on cardboard.

While at Defcon after Crash and Compile, I was racing against Jason Scott who is famous for, as well as the creator of Get Lamp and other geekish documentaries including the upcomming Defcon Documentary. May have had a few too many beers (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it) and crashed the PDP-11. Hilarious.

My roommate is building an ice cream truck art car that is going to be covered in interactive multicolor LEDs, This is one of the modules we've built, minus the diffuser. It's a project that is going to involve an epic amount of soldering, so if anyone in the SYN Shop community wants to help with soldering, gluing, painting, etc.. ping @hiwrac over on twitter, or post on the list you want to help.

09 Aug 2012

And next up on the Project Nomad video series, the Mad Dash to DEFCON.

07 Aug 2012

Now that Defcon is over, I'm almost caught up on the video for Project Nomad. Here we're hacking the motor controller.

06 Aug 2012

In this update in the Project: Nomad series, we tear down the wheel chair motor controller.

05 Aug 2012

An update in the Project: Nomad series. Here we are finishing the assembly of the robot chassis.

16 Jul 2012

An update in the Project: Nomad series. Here we are finishing the welding of the frame which mounts the PDP-11 onto the drive train.