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More documentation....


The cardinal rule of RetinaEngrave is that it's stupid.  If, at any point, you are doing something and the thought occurs that 'the software should know', stop right there because it probably does not. Some things I discovered that might save others some headache, frustration, and wasted time/materials:

Until I can get wiki access, some documentation here in case it helps other people.

Adobe Illustrator is a fairly common vector art tool, but its not available at SynShop.  The computer hooked up to the laser cutter has both CorelDraw and Inkscape on it if you are familiar with either, though as an Illustrator user I found both to be lacking in features I needed and confusing.  Both of those programs seem to print reasonably well into RetinaEngrave via the Full Spectrum driver, but AI seems to have issues.

Helpful Tips and Useful Info:

16 Sep 2017

Notes to myself on this:

  • Get a wiki login
  • Get on with applying for vetted membership
  • Write documentation for importing images for cutting on the Silhouette cameo
  • Quick machine checklist? Not that the cameo has a ton of space on it...
  • Prod whoever about the Cameo software update if it hasn't been done already
  • Write a How-to for designing files for the laser cutter in Adobe Photoshop
  • Write a How-to for doing a Engrave and Cut on the laser seeing as the nice checklist helpfully wipes out your settings in the middle...