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So I've known about Wifi SD cards for a long time (like the Eye-Fi), but their price plus the complete locked-down proprietary nature of their software stacks has kept me from getting one.
Nowadays, there are a few competitors though which gives us more options: Transcend Wifi and PQI Air.
It looks like someone got one of the Transcend cards and figured out how to make the ARM Linux distro on it run arbitrary commands which is great news for everyone looking for a simple way to expose data via WiFi
According to the comments, the PQI cards are also capable of running arbitrary commands too, plus they offer upgradable microsd See on Newegg (I just ordered one, but sorry, they're sold out at Newegg, but elsewhere should have them)
Since you can easily interface with SD cards using SPI from microcontrollers like the Arduino, these SD Wifi cards (especially the PQI Air) seem like a really cool way to WIFI up your microcontroller without going full Raspberry PI or having to go with a complete "Cloud" solution like the Electric Imp
The only thing to remember is SD Cards work at 3.3V, not 5V, so don't forget your level shifter.

Just spreading the word because I'm excited... I've been waiting for an open or easily hackable one of these for a long time ever since I saw the first Eye-Fi Cool.