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11 Mar 2016

Here's a copy and paste of the notes from the recent class on the FSlaser 3d printer.




( / FSL3D)

Laser based 3d printer

Software (RetinaCreate 3D)

  • Pegasus takes .STL only on usb

  • Download from

  • Leave two squares to the edge for headroom

  • RIght slider shows slices

  • Change shell thickness in “support options”

  • Support an object for every print

    • can use “automatic support system”

    • manually support something over 45 degrees

    • Check with a verification tool to see if there is anything that should be manually supported. Definitely support anything showing up red.

  • If you move the model after all of the support is set up, then it was all go bye bye.

  • Save it as a job file once all the support structure is set up

  • Save job on root of the USB, the printer will not pick it up in a folder.


  • 10% volumetric shrinkage with this resin.

  • let it sit on a 99% IPA (isopropyl alcohol) bath for 20ish minutes.

  • For precise work, print the piece at an angle.

  • Two types

    • water washable (?)

    • clear (?)

  • Similar strength to ABS

  • Flexible resin isn’t ready for prime-time yet.


  • Always have supports for the first few layers, they will tend to be over cured.

  • May need UV box

  • Avoid warping by keeping the piece on the build plate while it’s curing.

Setting the Bed

  • Never remove the plastic layer, the silicone layer is necessary for the first layers to adhere.

  • Vat tray holder is hinged to break suckage.

  • Leave ball noses loose and slide in the tray

  • bring the bed down until it makes contact with the bottom of the vat

  • Lift tray at each corner to test if there is play (that will indicate if the level needs to be adjusted)

  • touch circle on the screen

  • hit calibrate and set the home position

  • hit (test home) Itll rise and fall to show you if there are any issues.

  • fill up the vat to the top if the notch MAX.



  • Never touch the galvo mirrors.

    • If you must, clean with IPA.

  • Lithium grease the thread screw. Spray on finger and rub on thread.



  • Disable “Pause for Refill” before lights out printing. The print will fail once the resin runs out.

  • Tip: After the supports are done getting printed, open the lid and fill up resin. Once the lid is closed Pegasus will ask if you refilled the resin.