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13 Jun 2013

So I finished up the stilts and have been walking around in them. They are interesting to move in as they really change your center of balance. No video yet, but I'm working on it. Video demo is here. Here's the remainder of the build… All pictures are here.


Found some nylon straps and buckles and simply screwed them into the foot bases to hold down the toe and the heel of my shoes. On first test, my foot kept slipping forward so I added toe clips made from sheet metal. The "L" bend was done with my vise and the rest were done once the clip was mounted. 


The arm stilts are 48" long. The hand-grip is set 12" from the top. It's attached the same way as everything else, with an aluminum spacer and a bolt. The bolt is 1/2" x 5". The shift grip covers were purchased from a surplus website and are covering 1/2" diameter galvanized electrical conduit cut to length. The arm loops are cut from the same 4" diameter ABS black pipe and are 3" tall. They are connected with a carriage bolt just like the shin braces. The feet are done the same as on the peg stilts, using 2 layers of the bike tire and secured with electrical tape.

Thanks for reading!