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17 Feb 2014

I made a small bending jig this weekend to use on my hydraulic press. I needed to put some 90 degree bends in some bar stock. I would have bent the stock in my vise caveman-style with a hammer, but the throat on my vise was too short. Just the excuse I needed to make this jig. I've tested it on 1/8" bar stock, but it appears to be able to bend a bit thicker.


Complete Bending Jig THUMB Completed Jig 2 THUMB 
Here is the finished jig. The ring on the top piece is to connect to the hydraulic press piston and is used to locate the jig in the center of the press.


Bending Jig Raw Materials THUMB 
This is what I started the project with. Most of the pieces are cut-offs from other projects. The angle iron came from a political sign (good to see that they are good for something...). The ring is from a piece of pipe. You can see the welded seam in some of the pictures. I had to grind the seam weld flat with an air grinder and cleaned up the edges on my lathe with a file.


Top of Jig THUMB Top of Jig with Ring THUMB Side View of Jig Top THUMB Top of Jig Welded THUMB 
The top piece of the jig is laid out and welded. The welds were ground flat on the "V" before welding on the locator ring. The piece of flat material I welded into the "V" helps to reinforce the shape so it doesn't deform if I push the jig too hard.


Bottom of Jig Parts THUMB Bottom of Jig - Another View THUMB Bottom of Jig - Tack Welds THUMB Bottom of Jig - Side Pieces THUMB Bottom of Jig - Welding THUMB 
The bottom of the jig needs a nice solid base. The side pieces help support the edges of the inside of the "V" when the top pushes down.


Jig Cleaned Up THUMB Jig - Bottom THUMB Jig - Top THUMB Jig Top - Another View THUMB 
With a little filing and sandpaper, I cleaned up the weld spatter and smoothed the pieces so there are no sharp edges.

Check out the Flickr set. There's a bit more information and higher resolution pictures there. 

Thanks for reading!