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Just wanted to throw a big THANK YOU to everyone who helped make the Las Vegas Mini Maker Faire such an amazing event yesterday! 

It was inspiring to see our Maker community come out and participate -- as a Maker showing in a booth, to the volunteers who tirelessly helped out with the setup, the event and the teardown, to our amazing sponsors. Thank you for making things go as smoothly as they did. We definitely had some challenges, but we overcame them. 

We want to do this again next year so your support is necessary. If you like what we're doing in the community, come down to SYN Shop when we officially open our downtown space and find out how to participate in making this a regular event.

Special thanks to The Downtown Project! Without their support, it would have been a longer time coming. To the Historic Fifth Street School for working through the logistical challenges with us and providing us with a great venue. And to all the makers at SYN Shop for wanting this so much. It's here guys. Let's see where we can take it.  :P

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by billt on Sun, 02/03/2013 - 13:29

Let me not forget our media support since we had no budget for advertising at all. A huge THANK YOU to Kelly Sheehan at Lotus Broadcasting for getting Suz and Pawel on the Andy Kaye show -- not once, but twice to promote the event -- and doing a ticket giveaway. Thank you to Andrew Kiraly at Desert Companion for the great story in October last year and to Nolan Lister for the story in the Downtown View in January.  Thanks all! I'll be hitting you up again for the next one... ;)