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07 Jul 2012
First Friday went really, really well.  It exceeded my expectations and the whole group is already talking about what we need to do to make the booth better for the next event in August.  Come by and help us plan it out next Saturday.
There was a steady stream of people (adults, teens and kids) all night.  Our main crowd probably came through from about 7pm - 9pm.  It seemed to me that there was always at least one or two people asking a question about the 3D printers or trying to figure out how the homopolar motors worked.
Some of our traffic was definitely driven by the newspaper article from yesterday morning.
Andrew Morrow brought his Makerbot Replicator so he and Mark Koch had dual dual-extruders "dueling" 3D prints all night.  Everyone from the shop was very happy to show off, give stuff away and talk to anyone who asked a question.  The Do-nado was a workhorse and big THANK YOU to everyone who donated to keep us up and running.
That's it for the update.  There's probably more, but my head is tired, my voice is ragged from yelling over the band from last night.  It was a great event.