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07 Aug 2012

Sweltering heat and marshmallow guns made up the first half of the event.  Then we ran out of marshmallow guns...

It was another dizzying night at First Friday. We were set up in the same spot in the Kid's Zone as in July, but this time, they moved the stage so it wasn't quite as loud.

There was a fairly consistent line of people asking us about the 3D printers, with Krux and Suz Hinton on the front line fielding questions. Brian Munroe and Suz worked magic with the kids inside the tent, making marshmallow guns and acting as occasional targets. Charley Jones bought his line following 3pi robot (made by Pololu) and explained what it did to anyone who asked. We had an impromptu paper airplane lab hosted by Matthew Dey and a demo on gyroscopes by Chris Oremus. Jared Carle brought a Kinect project to show, then disappeared for a few hours and came back with a killer EL wire bass guitar project a little later in the evening.

Much thanks to Mark Koch for loaning us his Makerbot Replicator (upon threat of death if we broke it), Charley Jones for bringing his Makerbot Cupcake, Andrew Morrow for bringing (and setting up) the LED light show for the tent. A big THANK YOU to Jenifer Tamimi for getting us our business cards before the event and to RC Wonderly for making this month a smooth setup.  We're looking forward to September!Pic #2


Jarad's EL Wire Bass Guitar