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billt's blog

25 Jul 2014

New video on my YouTube channel! This is a ball turning tool that I made for my Taig lathe. I'm still learning the best way to use it. Hopefully I'll upload an update in a few weeks. Thanks for watching!

I had some time this weekend to make a small magnetic base for my G0602 Grizzly lathe.  The lathe doesn't have a DRO (Digital Read Out) so I've been thinking about using my 1" travel dial indicator to make the cuts more precise.  I watch a lot of the machine shop channels on YouTube and a few of the guys just use a simple mag base stuck to the ways.  It didn't seem that difficult to make one and I had some 7/16" diameter neodymium magnets lying around.

17 Feb 2014

I made a small bending jig this weekend to use on my hydraulic press. I needed to put some 90 degree bends in some bar stock. I would have bent the stock in my vise caveman-style with a hammer, but the throat on my vise was too short. Just the excuse I needed to make this jig. I've tested it on 1/8" bar stock, but it appears to be able to bend a bit thicker.


Have you ever had a video that you just can't edit... this was one of those. So, instead I'm just going to blog about the construction process. 3 months without a post is too long.

22 Sep 2013

New video!

We got a used horizontal/vertical metal cutting bandsaw that needed a stand. This is a quick 2-minute video on the welding. Next up is a flip down table for the bandsaw to use in vertical mode. I'll document that build in more detail. Thanks for watching!

New video posted to YouTube! I'm just having some fun in the shop. Let me know what you think and thanks for watching!

17 Aug 2013

New video on my YouTube channel!  This is a quick tour of my home metal working shop.  If you like what you see, please subscribe to builtxbillt.  Thanks for watching!

22 Jul 2013

I just posted a new video to my YouTube channel, builtxbillt. It's a quick build of a simple steadyCAM design based on an article in MAKE. It's made from parts I had lying around my shop and it works well. Check it out at the link below:

Thanks for watching!

13 Jun 2013

So I finished up the stilts and have been walking around in them. They are interesting to move in as they really change your center of balance. No video yet, but I'm working on it. Video demo is here. Here's the remainder of the build… All pictures are here.