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As of today I am offically a member! I am very excited to share my projects with fellow hackers..

Here's a list and status of my current projects:

Mendel Prusa 12"x12": Funcitonal

My 3d printer needs minor work to dial it again as I recently changed the hot end. The wiring has yet to be run the final routes and cut to length. The smartLCD needs fitted into a case and mounted to the printer.

Custom RepRap: Stll in design/research phase

I am looking to build a 3d printer with an extemely large print area. I am currently working on the custom sheild for a arduino mega to allow connection of a cheap Toshiba tb6560 based 4 axis driver board to drive nema 23 motors instead of the standard nema 17's found on most printers. I am working on at least a 16"x16" build area and as big as 32"x32" with the ability to print in either PLA or ABS using a heated build chamber. 

CNC Router: Broken/Damaged

Unfortunately due to the fact that its so heavy and made out of MDF the bed warped so now it is impossible to get a decent cut from it. It still jogs and can do basic cuts but I think the long term plan for this is tear it completely down and rebuild the frame using aluminum strut. I would also like to convert it to use ball screws and supported linear rail. 

CNC Mini-Mill: incomplete

I started assembly of the mini mill converting it to CNC and half way through needed to do some basic machining so it is back to a manual mill. It is a Harborfreight minimill with a cncfusion 3 axis ballscrew kit. The plan is to use the 800oz nema 23 steppers from the router with my Gecko 540 controller and 48v power supply. 

Custom Arudino Firmware for Super-PID: Still in design/research Phase makes a closed loop speed control for brushed high speed routers with rpm feedback to PC. I originally purchased it for the router but since its down I've decided it would be better served on the mini mill. The problem is the firmware only supports 5000-30000 RPM. I am investigating 2 options. 1) rewrite the firmware to allow the speeds typically used for milling.. 2) create an encoder disc to trick the firmware into thinking the head is spinning 10 times faster than it acutally is. Right now it uses basically 1 pulse per revolution so #2 would be easy but the rpm not being correct one the LCD would bother me. I am fairly sure the microprocessor is a atmega328 due to the size and apparent pinout of the traces.


Ardupilot Mega: Incomplete

My lastest autopilot is still sitting new in the box as I have not had the time to assemble it and set it up. This is mostly due to a lack of a viable flight platform.


I just need to figure out what to work on first.. ;)

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by James C on Fri, 04/05/2013 - 00:22

Can't wait to see all the cool projects.  Also, I promoted this post to the front page :)