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CyberSorcerer's blog

16 Mar 2019

Heading to the shop today to start recording some lockpicking videos for my YouTube channel and to promote lockpicking night at the shop on Mondays.

Also going to record a hackerspace tour video of the whole shop. Las Vegas is known for DEFCon and Blackhat but I don't see too many SynShop's videos on YouTube like other hackerspaces. So hopefully I can help do some promotion of the shop on YouTube.

05 Mar 2019

Well after getting my membership to SynShop, I got onto the shops Discord channel to hang out and get to know a few people. It has been pretty exciting. At least when everyone's chatting...LOL

Granted, being self-employeed I don't just hangout waiting for someone to say something either. So if you want to get someone's attention you hace to address then by there name in the chat. Just prefix the name with '@' and it will let them know someone's addressing them. Naturally most people reading this here would know that so maybe I should make this post on my own blog...

Hello everyone,

Just signed up tonight and got on the Discord chat channel. Can't wait to meet everyone and see what you all are doing. Also I'll be helping out to improve SynShop too.

Hope to meet everyone and can't wait to check things out.