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One or two of you might be interested

Coding Array STAUS01-EN Beginners Starter Kit, Sensor Kit, Electronics Kit with Tutorial for Android by Coding Array

Comes as connected items in a kit ... then when ready the plastic boards can be snapped apart

Saw it at ASD ...ordered a kit ..

Listed Price was $79 on Amazon .. then some sort of discount happened so paid $69 including shipping to a locker in less than 22 hours


 Daniel Braisted


22 May 2019

Did Tim find that "drag knife" for the shop bot? Sorry, that I haven't been around, it's finals for the kids and it's their last week for school, so everything has been hectic around here! Thanks for all the help you've been so far. I did take the "Danger Room" class and will be attending the upcoming Shop Bot class!


20 Apr 2019

I need to vacuum form some masks. Is there any equipment I should know about in the shop that would help?

16 Mar 2019

Heading to the shop today to start recording some lockpicking videos for my YouTube channel and to promote lockpicking night at the shop on Mondays.

Also going to record a hackerspace tour video of the whole shop. Las Vegas is known for DEFCon and Blackhat but I don't see too many SynShop's videos on YouTube like other hackerspaces. So hopefully I can help do some promotion of the shop on YouTube.

05 Mar 2019

Well after getting my membership to SynShop, I got onto the shops Discord channel to hang out and get to know a few people. It has been pretty exciting. At least when everyone's chatting...LOL

Granted, being self-employeed I don't just hangout waiting for someone to say something either. So if you want to get someone's attention you hace to address then by there name in the chat. Just prefix the name with '@' and it will let them know someone's addressing them. Naturally most people reading this here would know that so maybe I should make this post on my own blog...

Hello everyone,

Just signed up tonight and got on the Discord chat channel. Can't wait to meet everyone and see what you all are doing. Also I'll be helping out to improve SynShop too.

Hope to meet everyone and can't wait to check things out.

I am trying to find someone that can give my son some pointers or guidance on making good welds. He has been doing metal work, now needs to start attaching pieces together cleanly. Not my specialty. 

25 Feb 2018



Apparerently there's a blog spot on here!! 



More documentation....


The cardinal rule of RetinaEngrave is that it's stupid.  If, at any point, you are doing something and the thought occurs that 'the software should know', stop right there because it probably does not. Some things I discovered that might save others some headache, frustration, and wasted time/materials:

Until I can get wiki access, some documentation here in case it helps other people.

Adobe Illustrator is a fairly common vector art tool, but its not available at SynShop.  The computer hooked up to the laser cutter has both CorelDraw and Inkscape on it if you are familiar with either, though as an Illustrator user I found both to be lacking in features I needed and confusing.  Both of those programs seem to print reasonably well into RetinaEngrave via the Full Spectrum driver, but AI seems to have issues.

Helpful Tips and Useful Info: