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23 Jan 2020

Tue, Feb 25, 6:00 PM

Let's get together and work on crafts! While this night is focused on the crafting disciplines, everyone is welcome to show up and hang out. Bring whatever project you are working on, or just come and see what everyone else is working on.

Tue, Feb 25, 6:00 PM

We're looking to make SYN Shop more awesome, so we've decided that Tuesday would be the perfect night to host a community project night. It's an open night where we can work on projects to improve SYN Shop. This is your night to make your local hackerspace even better.

Mon, Feb 24, 6:00 PM

Linux/Opensource Meetup

Are you're tired of proprietary software like Windows, Mac OSX, and Adobe Photoshop?

Are you tired of Social Media companies stealing all your data and getting rich off you?

Are you tied of Big Brother spying on you?

Come learn about Linux, Free and Opensource Software.

We are building a strong community of hackers that want to learn and share knowledge in a friendly inclusive environment.

This is a user group so come share what you use on a daily basis or learn how.

Libre Las Vegas

Sat, Feb 22, 3:00 PM

Join Tony as he quickly covers the primary tools and the mandatory rules for safety in the danger room. This is a critical subject, and if you spend any time in the Danger Room, you must attend at least one. This class will shift the specific days of the week it is held on to get as much coverage to the membership as possible.

Fri, Feb 21, 7:30 PM

Episode 05: The Land of Lost Toys
Synopsis: Unfinished projects. What do you do with them? Leave them on the bench? Put them in a box? Cannibalize them for parts? Krux and Pong empty the shoeboxes with the help of the SYN Shop veteran maker known as Forge.

The SYN Shop podcast covers everything you wanted to know about hacker spaces but were afraid to ask.

Join Pong and Krux each week as we stream the SYN Shop Podcast live.

This podcast and future podcasts are available on the SYN Shop youtube channel, as well as an audio version on our podcast RSS feed.

Fri, Feb 21, 6:00 PM

What does a nuclear test measure?

Nuclear Mike is going to blow our minds!

The Fauzy Hour is an off the cuff talk / discussion / demo led by a person with knowledge of the subject matter.

Each week there will be a new topic, and the total of sum of human knowledge is the limit.

Everyone is encouraged to come teach what they know and learn what they don't.

Comments, questions, and interjections are an important part of The Hour so don't be shy.

Previous Hours have included:
Basic car maintenance and repair
3D printing
Application Security "APPSEC"

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