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Saturday Jul 6, 2019 3:30 pm

Everyone's done it, bought something for a project that you were going to start any day now, salvaged that thing someone was throwing away, and then found it in the back of a closet years later. You need more space for things for new projects, so bring all that stuff over to Syn Shop and trade it to someone else for something more shiny that you need, either other supplies or something they can make. Trading and bartering is the idea, some buying is okay but please don't come intending only to sell, this is about a community sharing supplies and materials, not finished products. There is no fee for this, but the shop does cost money, we'd appreciate a donation($10 is suggested, but any amount is welcome!) Never been to the shop? That's okay! We'll be happy to have you, and give you a tour to see what you can be making while you're here.