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Saturday Apr 14, 2018 2:00 pm

Time for another Hack Your Hackerspace, this time, it's to get the shop ready for the upcoming Science Is Everywhere Day on April 29th. It means we're going to have a lot of new people coming for tours of the space, so we need a bit of spring cleaning to

1. Take Your Stuff Home: We don't have infinite space for storage so..
- Have a project you were working on and forgot about? Finish it or take it home.
- Have bulk material you brought in for a project you haven't started? Take it home or donate it to the shop.
- Make sure the stuff you do have in the shop is propperly marked with a parking ticket.. name, date, contact info, etc..
- Stuff not propperly marked will be assumed shop materials

2. Consolidate and Condense: Our stored lumber and materials is getting out of hand, so this needs to be gone through
- Discard material that is no longer useful (such as chipboard)
- Move all the 4x8 sheet material in one location so we can get at the things on the pallet racks
- Acrylic storage isn't terribly easy to go through in it's current form, ideas for making this better
- It's time to go through the Hackme boxes of random stuff, and toss what we don't need
- The vending machine needs stripped of useful parts and then tossed

3. Always Be Knolling: We have alot of stuff that needs to be put away, sorted, or otherwise tidied up.
- Storage shelving
- Electronics
- Laser Cutting
- 3D Printing
- Book Shelves
- Wood Working
- Really the whole shop

4. Kill the Dust: Our shop produces a lot of dust, and as such we have to go over everything and clean it up.
- Compressed air is NOT how you "clean" off equipment. It just redistrubutes the dust over everything else.
- Vacuum and/or wipe down tools and equipment
- Vacuum and/or wipe down horizontal work surfaces and shelves
- Vacuum things like horizontal conduit and outlet boxes which tend to collect dust

All right kids, boots on the ground, lets do this.