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Thursday May 25, 2017 6:00 pm

Synshop is having a  "Fix It" night, one night a month.   Bring something from home you are having trouble with, and tap into the community to fix it. If no one brings anything in we will also perform preventative maintenance and repair on the shop equipment. 

Examples of repairable items include: a phone, computer, drill, printer, bike, furniture, lawn mower, cars, , models, toys, clothing etc..  

We need shop volunteers to help people who don't know how to "fix it" otherwise they would have by now. Volunteers to cover the different general disciplines, computer, electronics, sewing, wood, mechanical etc... 

Members, please speak up and give back to the shop by volunteering a couple of hours a month, this doesn't have to be a long term commitment, you could do it just once or as many times as you want. People who volunteer will make new friends and have fun coaching people on teardown and diagnosing why it failed.