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Monday May 15, 2017 6:00 pm

Course description: Provide classroom and laboratory instruction in the proper techniques, skill development and proficiency of SMAW (shielded metal arc welding), GMAW (gas metal arc welding) of mild steel in various positions.

Course length: 30 hours, 10 classes of 3 hours each. Starting on May 15th and occurring twice a week on Monday and Thursday for 5 weeks.

Course Outcomes: Introduction to welding, equipment set-up, maintenance, and operation. The ability to make sound welds in various positions and thicknesses of material. The preparation of joints and fit-up for fabrication. Upon the successful completion of course studies, the students will be familiar with the safe and proper use of GMAW/SMAW process and proficient in identifying proper welding techniques, quickly identify problems that may arise and the ability to troubleshoot them. Also be proficient in assembly designations and types of electrodes.

Attendance: This is a very technical class, attendance is very important.

Safety: Student will be exposed to live 240/120/208 volt circuits. These are potentially dangerous. Amperage and voltage can kill or seriously injure you. Always use caution and have on proper PPE appropriate for the conditions that you are exposed to.

Never look directly at the live arc without proper eye protection(#10 lens minimum required)!!!! Will possibly cause ARC FLASH to the eyes.

Any skin exposed to live arc light can be burned by the ultraviolet light and cause uncomfortable sunburn-like sensations for a few days. Also arc welding spatter may cause isolated and distinct burns to exposed and covered parts of the body.

Student Equipment:

OSHA-Approved Protective eyewear-ANSI Z71

● Welding Hood with a minimum #10 Lens and cover glass

Long sleeve cotton/fire resistant shirt/ leather sleeves/jacket

● Leather Gloves made for welding

Long pants/Jeans-no shorts

Closed toe boots/shoes

Hearing protection-Recommended

● Respirator-Recommended

Shop Tools:

● Mig Tool-WELPERS

●Wire brush/chipping hammer