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Saturday Oct 29, 2016 10:30 am

Course fee includes a new Arduino 101 board!

Class size is limited, so sign up today!!!


Make your own blinking and moving creations with the Arduino 101 controller!  The newer Arduino 101 features an accelerometer, gyroscope and Bluetooth LE connectivity on the board.   Easy to use for ages 10 and up!  Get a head start on the ultimate Halloween prop by learning Arduino.  The Arduino board lets you control LEDs and motors with ease .  Additionally, add input sensors and program the Arduino to react to motion, temperature, pressure or button presses.

Skills to be learned:

This class will teach you the basics of Arduino 101.  You will learn how to control LEDs and servo motors as well as process input from buttons and knobs(potentiometers).   We will also show how to access the built in sensors of the Arduino 101 including the accelerometer and gyroscope for motion sensing as well as the built in BlueTooth LE for passing data between your Arduino 101 and smart phone. This course will get you started with making robots, Halloween props and even home automation gadgets.  You’ll also learn some basics of electronics.

Ages:   10 to adult

Knowledge Prerequisites:  NONE

Requirements:  Laptop (Windows, Linux or Mac)

Class Fee:  $60  (includes Arduino 101 and electronic components needed for class)