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Saturday Oct 22, 2016 10:00 am

Join Instructor Stan Hanel as he gives an introduction to electronics in a class that mixes hands-on and lecture. Each student will leave with an electronics kit. This Class's kit is a variable frequency tone generator!

Image used for an example: final kit will look different

Course objectives as follows:

Class 1:  How to Build a Variable Frequency Tone Generator

1. Electronic Components Overview

• Passive Components (Resistors, Capacitors)
• Active components (diodes, transistors, semiconductors)
• Integrated Circuits (digital, analog, microprocessor)
• Schematic Symbols for Electronic Components
• Feed-through printed circuit boards, surface-mount printed circuit boards and their related components
• Where to purchase electronic components locally and online
• Relative costs of electronics components when estimating a project

2.  How to use a solderless breadboard for prototyping

• Establishing Power Rails
• Component placement and interconnection
• Building simple circuits using passive components
• Building simple circuits using active components (analog vs. digital)
• Breadboard a simple circuit

3.  How to transfer a solderless breadboard circuit to a more permanent feed-through printed circuit board using soldering iron, jumper wires and hand tools.

• Handtools Overview: Solder and Soldering irons, de-soldering tools, diagonal cutters, needlenose pliers, wire strippers
• Working with feed-through printed circuit boards
• Mounting components and jumpers to interconnect circuits from breadboard
• How to make a good solder connection on a double-sided printed circuit board
• De-soldering components when repairing printed circuit boards
• Cleaning the PC board after soldering to remove flux