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Monday Jun 30, 2014 6:00 pm

This is a non-structured open night, where SYN Shop members are encouraged to come down at work on their own projects which may be, but are not required to be, robot related.

Come on down and hatch your latest global robotic invasion in the warm and hospitable company of other tech enthusiasts! Just working on a hobby project? Well, That's fine too! Bring your work in progress no matter how big or small and get feedback from your peers, or just come for some inspiration.

What's a robot?  Well we like to keep a open view of just what exactly qualifies for a robot.  Building a CNC tesla coil winder?  Robot enough for me.  Feel your favorite coffee making robot needs a face :P, well print that cute little beverage brewing robot an upgrade.  And of course if you're working on a line follower, robotic PDP-11, delta, ball balancer, or 40ft tall mech, that's awesome too,  We like robots in every form.