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Saturday Dec 14, 2013 12:00 pm

In this second class in our Basic Electronics Series with instructor, Stan Hanel, animate your Christmas by building a toy with a servo-motor driver circuit that can be controlled by your hand movements.  At the same time, learn how to solder electronic components onto a printed circuit board, how to build a control cable with connectors, and how to install the board into an enclosure that includes servo-motor and control mechanisms.

You will learn:

•  How to solder electronic components for servo motor controller onto a printed circuit board from a schematic

•  How to make a cable with insulated copper wire

•  Techniques for interfacing a servo motor to control motion

•  Building an enclosure for the toy

The class is $20, which includes a $10 fee for the components that you will be taking home. Thank you for supporting SYN Shop!